Do you know Jesus?
I’m not asking if
You’re church going,
Or your old folks did.
I’m wondering whether
You hold him dear?
Have you ever felt his touch?
I don’t ask about
Church programs and forms,
emotional as they be.
I’m on about his voice,
if you heard it
deep in your heart.
Do you know his voice,
What he likes and he doesn’t?
Do you know what he longs for?
Do you know what he hates?
Has his love fired up your spirit?
Have you got any glimpse of his mind?
Can you tell when he speaks
and brings comfort
in your joys and your grief?
Has his strength become more than enough
when you’re down and you weep?
Do you know who is he?
Where he is and he came from?
Do you long for him
Just as much as his heart longs for you?
Cause only when you do,
you can tell
You know Jesus.
09.01.12 SFR



See the diamond
beyond the stumpy
hands and feet,
the love that comes through
tearful eyes.
Just look beyond
their frail body
and see the gems.
The King of kings
has died for all of them.
Look to their hearts
and see the comforted;
behind what eyes can meet
is so much more to see.
That’s where the Father’s love
and passion hides.
It’s underneath their
withered, wrinkled faces;
It’s hidden in their eyes.
There Jesus took refuge.
He’s hidden in their eyes