Two worlds collide
two kingdoms come to clash.

The sentinels are on the walls.
The evil squads come forth,
the prince of devils is ruling over darkness
Rulers of wickedness take command from him.

The battle’s for our minds and hearts
We fight over our devotion to the King.

The darken’d one fires arrows of temptation,
Opposition, hatred, division, fear and doubts.
He fires with sickness and confusion and with lies.

We’re fighting for the kingdom of His Light,
we’re fighting for lost sons of our Father.
Invading hostile territory we bring more souls
into our chieftain’s camp.

We’re waging war, but not according to the flesh.
Forget ye not, you’re on the winning side.

This war’s no ordinary one.
The weapons of our warfare
Aren’t seen with eyes of flesh,
They are of divine power
their strongholds to destroy.

Our weapons are of light, of righteousness and love
our catch is not by force,
but bought by blood.
The Captain’s own and sacred blood,
he chose to shed.
Our plunder ain’t the one that burns, but is eternal.

Stand firm; therefore!
take up the whole armour of the king
So you withstand in the evil day that comes.
You fight with prayer and with fasting
The battle’s won or lost
before you go into arenas.
We’re wrestling against the cosmic forces
over this fallen world.
The spiritual powers of evil in the air we’re up against.

Your place is on the front line, you royal priests.
In unity fight boldly with the Spirit’s Sword;
as you’ve been called out of the darkness
so you call out this world of sinners
into his light of splendour.

With truth your loins be girt about,
hold fast against the evil’s charge.
The breastplate of his righteousness, hold tight!
Keep on your helmet of salvation!

And gratefulness may fill you up for his tremendous gifts.

As shoes for the protection of your feet
put on the readiness for the gospel of his peace.
Upon the mountains and all around spread the good news.
Proclaim the love and the salvation of our King,
for our God reigns,
and only He will ever do.

And above all take up the shield of faith,
Held tight, you will extinguish all the flaming
arrows of the evil ones.
Keep the attack away, do not give in to fear,
The victory that overcomes the world is this: even our faith.

Sharpen your swords, wield the two-edged blades
The Lord himself has given us, long time ago.
And ever since the Comforter has come,
He teaches us all things
and brings to our remembrance the
way he used God’s word.

And in the Holy Spirit, at all times, you pray
To that end keep all alert,
with supplications for all saints…..

Lift up your eyes, you’re not alone in battle
the help comes from up high, and very soon.
The Lord of Hosts comes down and rends the heaven
When he’ll return with power and great glory
To comfort and to rescue all his troops:
They that will have fought for him.

I’ll sing of war, it has been on for ages.
I’ll sing of peace to come,
not with the other side,
yet the peace we’ll have
when God’s Kingdom triumphantly avails.
The warrior bard will sing
of Kingdom come. ………..