The last beat


A fist and a heart clenched in.

A fist wrapped around a heart

in a killing grip.

Squeezing the life out

Chocking it,

Hurting it.

How did I get here?

Without even knowing it

There’s not enough blood sustaining it

There’s something squeezing the life out of me.

So many things.

Don’t even know them by their name.

What a life…..

Half a life.

Pumping to half of its capacity

“be free, breathe, change” they hail

But how can I when there’s this

Killer fist dripping my blood

out of my veins?

“change, change” but they walk by,

With a sigh and half of a grin.

And I’m still here under this grip

That chokes the life out of me.

I cannot breathe and my heart

can’t even have a whole of a beat,

maybe the next would be the last.

SFR 20.01.13


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