Hold your ground!

“I’m tired of all this iron,
exhausted of carrying on this road.
This sword is so heavy,
the breastplate weighs me down.
This shield is useless and I can’t bear it.
And on this steep hill
I’m tired of dragging up my feet.
My eyes grew weary of all the watchful hours.
Day in and day out.
I’ve had enough.
I break away now from this place. “

“ Hold your ground!
Under no circumstances
you run away frantically
in the face of your enemy,
throwing away your shield,
your breastplate, your helmet
your sword.
You’ll be dead the second
You take leave of this place.
Without me, you’re dead.
Thousands of arrows
will pierce your heart.

If you want to live
you carry this iron on you.
Though your armor heavy be,
You’re still alive, fighting for me.
Your weapon will find its use
When in my battles against the enemy,
The world and sin you’ll fight,
And quench the fiery darts.

There is no other choice:
You live, fighting along with me,
Or you die along with them.
You want to live, you fight
Every single day of your entire life.
The moment you stop watching and fighting
It’s when you will go down.

So, take heart, my soldier.
I have overcome the world
I’ve robbed the powers and authorities
And made a public show of them.
I triumphed through my cross.
Take heart, my loved one,
I have won.”



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