The last atonement day!

The day of atonement!
It’s coming, coming soon.
Fourteen days and the feast
will commence.
The high-priest takes
of the blood of bulls
and rams,
goats and lambs
on the day of atonement,
When the priest would go
in the most Holy Place
with the blood of bull and rams
Sprinkling over the seat of the Most High.
Atonement for him and his own he would make.
The rope attached to his leg,
the bells attached to his robe
would tell us he’s still there.
Seven times we would hear their [clang]
clang, clang,clang, clang, clang, clang, clang.
From behind the veil he would come out
with the censer full of burning coals
as the incense had burnt.
Back again he would go
with the blood of a goat.
Again, seven times would he sprinkle the blood,
for our whole people this time.
Clang, clang, the bells go, seven times.
In the mist of the incense cloud,
In the midst of the One unseen and Most High.
Out he would come with the censer held high
and a cup with the blood of a goat.
Then on another goat’s head
both hands he would place,
Confession for all our transgressions
and iniquities he would make.
He then placed all our sins
on that goat they have cast lots on,
away must be sent with our burden of sins.
All our sins have been taken away
to the wilderness, where no man
will ever set foot.
He would send the scape-goat
with my share of the sin
and it’s been taken away.
The day of atonement,
a day we all can’t wait to see every year.
Yet, there’s still time.
Ten more days.
Today the holy assembly’s called out
with the sounds of the trumpets.
It’s the day for preparing our souls
for the day of atonement.
Today is the feast of the trumpets.
All ’round the land make ready
for the day we all look forward to!

Down through the centuries
preparations were made for the
Perfect blood of the purest Lamb.
We all look forward to him.
No one of old would even dare think
that the perfect offering

to come to the world and make

the atonement for all

would be our own high priest,
even our king.
I heard someone say pointing to a man
“Behold the Lamb who takes away
the sin of the world”.
Just imagine, the entire world,
not just our land but the
whole humankind.
“Is it you?” later on, the same asked,
“or shall we wait for another?”
Lots of them had doubts in their hearts
even to the hour, one evening, he told
his own “this is my blood,
of the New Covenant.
It’s poured out for many,
for the forgiveness of sins.”
Only few took his words to their hearts.
Even fewer dared believe in Him
till that dark night,
when their shepherd was smitten
and the sheep were all scattered.
That night, twelve of the closest
all ran away.

Outside the gates…
some would stare at the offering:
the perfect Lamb shedding
the perfect blood of the Most Holy of all,
The Son of Man and the Son of God.
They would gaze to the blood pouring,
flowing down the tree of curse,
the place of the sacrifice.
There he took the curse, the hurts,
the burden of all sins
of the entire world.
For all humankind he died,
He took our place.
Out of the camp he took our sins.
All guilt is gone,
to wilderness, away is taken,
where no man has ever and will ever
set a foot.
He bore our sin,
It’s all forgiven and forgotten.

The twelve again would gather,
thoughts of their last supper
would come to their minds.
The night he had told them
“this is my blood, drink all of it,
forgiveness to everyone to give.”
The day of atonement has come
And gone is now for good.
The Lamb of God was offered,
yet not by man,
by God he was provided.
This was God’s own atonement day,
Atonement for each and every one of us.

No priest is needed – not again-
with bulls and rams and goats;
The Highest of priests
has come into the world,
His very blood has brought with him.
Into the Holy of Holies he went.
The veil is torn. Now we all can come,
and by his blood we all can claim
atonement for our soul.
The last atonement day has come.


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