To a holocaust-ed people

Why is it that everyone treated them with hatred;

Wanted them dead and still they do?

Despite the hate they faced,

they still exist as people and as state.

Offsprings of one man,

they came to be a nation.

Pilgrims and travellers down through the centuries,

scattered and banished,

they still kept one creed.

Wherever they sojourned

tears and persecution had followed.

They had to die just because they were alive.

Why send them to the camps of terror?

Why have they had to face such hate?

Six million people – “the chosen ones!”

children and babies were among them.

The only crime? It was their race!

Jews – the ones that Adonai had chosen,

chosen for burnt offering.

“Why”- the mocking question-

is bound to never get an answer.

How could one look at children going to the gas?

Why look at friends giving their lives for another?

Why killing them just for the devilish pleasure of a cruel eye?

Why looking from afar and watch them die?

Horrendous, horrific is the sight…

Young human beings gripped in their mothers’ arms.

Singing their last song, friends see their friends

going their way to underground rooms,

but never to come out.

Laid bare of every form of dignity,

compassion or safe shelter

they fight for their last breath of air,

under the fiendish killers’ sight.

The oxygen is gone.

Forbidden is their right to breathe.

Clenched in each other’s arms

they take in their last breath

and choke as the gas

goes to their brains.

Even the dignity to have a grave they are denied.

Their bodies light the fires,

the chimneys are crammed

with their ashes.

The rising smoke terrify the helpless, enslaved eyes.

You may ask “why?”

Once I’d have told you:

“You ask the Nazi”.

But now I’m telling you:

“You must ask Adonai!”

As one of them has said it:

“If I understood God,

I’d be God.”

Now, even the answer to the question

is forbidden.

The tyranny of “why” is far too great

to still endure it.

I scream and mourn

six million of “why-s”,

and many more than that

still are rising from their bullets

and their bombs.

PS. For the Remembrance Day  of Holocaust, the 27th January 1945.


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