Finally broken,
The chains fall to the ground
with a thud of the old
battle hardly won.
The heavy bond has fallen
in the dust.

My chains are broken,
I am set free.
The heaviest of all my bonds
was my pretending
to be free.
On top of this I’ve heaped
all of my hidden chains.

When arrows come my way
and bring me to the ground,
I’d rather get myself
knocked out for good
than push through
this dreadful aftermath.
I must pick myself up.
Scrape off my knees,
Brush myself off
And rise taller than before.

Still will I lift up my voice:
my chains are gone!
I will rise up,
Dust off the bruises on knees,
holding the Saviour’s hand,
I will walk on.
It’s through his righteousness
I rise and live.
He’s my redemption,
my sanctification,
I am set free.
Finally free!


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