Castles in the sand


Stack all you can see around

all you can set hands on

you work and gather and you build.

to lay foundation you first cast the sand,

Forget about the efforts,

about the time it takes

about the people you should care,

because you set your own foundation

you have to earn a comfortable, good living.

Here come the walls

the windows , the second storey

and you finally set the roof.

The mansion is so beautiful,

it’s solid, steady and unshakable,

just perfect to move in.

 You give it a final touch

and you’re just about to end.

The weather looks so fine,

it’s sunny;

there is no threat,

no challenge to your house.

Yet, on a Sunday afternoon

a cloud pops up at the horison

the wind just starts to blow

and rain drops fall

out of the blue clear sky.

Then in the blink of an eye

cloud layers get together

now the sky is all covered

in black, thick venging clouds.

A thunder storm is trying all your work.

What seemed unshakable is now so shaken.

What seemed steady is now turned to pieces.

The cracks rise up the walls

the roof comes down

blown by a burst of wind

it crashes all you’ve built

You knew it was just sand,

shifty fundation,

walls of plaster

thin boards.

And now before your eyes

is crushing to the ground.

All you can see is debris and piles of sand.


Your dreams have scattered;

as if you hadn’t known

this could have happened.

You’re down and out,

you’re shattered.

Because you have indulged

in fool illusions,

that you could still build

castles in the sand.