Broken, I miss the broken you
when you couldn’t claim anything
as your own, but your brokenness.
I miss the broken you.

Poor; I miss you when
you didn’t pretend to have it all together,
but you admitted your poverty.
I miss you when you were poor,
when you knew you were in need of me.

Hungry; I miss you when you
were hungry for me, and more of me,
when you were hungry only for me.
But you got hungry for other things,
and you forgot of me.
I miss the hungry you for more of me.

Thirsty; there was a time when you were thirsty
and I would give you water
to spring into eternity.
Your thirst has turned for other things,
before long you forsake my spring.
I miss the thirsty you.

Pure in heart; I miss your heart when so pure was
when to my own was bound in love.
But now your heart holds other lovers dear,
and you forgot your love for me.
I miss your heart so pure.

Mourn; I miss when you were mourning
in time of early hours of prayer
for other souls and for your own,
but now you can’t see your wretchedness,
you do not mourn.
Now it is I who mourn.
I miss you when you were mourning.

Blessed; I miss you when you were blessed
the way I bless you,
when you saw my blessing in your poverty,
my blessing in your brokenness –
to see I make you whole,
my blessing in your purity –
having your heart tied to my own.
when mourning – to mourn with me,
in hunger for me – to know that I satisfy,
in thirst – to know that I quench it.
I miss you when you were all these things,
yet you were glad,
and you rejoiced in me.
SFR 07/06/11


Counter strike

When lies invade your mind
Protect yourself with truth.
Let honorable things be your constant guard,
Respite will never come.
The enemy will throw at you
All things impure,
He will stir up
All of your past and flaws:
Hold fast to what is pure.

All righteous things,
May they abound
Among your thoughts
When those unjust well up –
Concealed volcanoes of the deep.

All that is lovely may ebb and flow
When toxic clouds come fog your mind.
Things of a good report,
And all commendable
Before your eyes you keep.

If there be any virtue,
grab hold of that
and flee from all the filth
that flood your mind and heart.

If there be any praise
I plead with you:
fill up your thoughts with these
and pray the God of peace
your thoughts and heart may guard
in Christ Jesus your King.

If you, indeed, were raised with him
seek all the things above.

All your affection in your heart
be set on things concerning God,
not on the sewage of this world
that oh, so many drink of,
for you have died
but, still, you live
hidden with Christ in God.

So, put to death
all that is of this earth in you,
and rise and reign with Him,
as Christ himself has brought you
into His Kingdom,
through gates of splendour
not opened by men
but by his own bleeding wounds.
His blood has purchased you,
you’re only His,
into the everlasting life
to live solely for Him,
with Him.


I’m on a mission of love
to fight the selfishness
to fight the fearful, filthy mind
to fight against what’s less
than greater life,
to call upon the Fire of God
to burn inside my heart.

I’m on a mission
to share God’s plan
to tell the needy heart
all He’s done in my life.
I’m on a mission
to learn to fight for truth
to guide the stumbling feet
to keep the faith in Him
to warn the sleepy eyes
to raise the  fallen down
to wake the dead in spirit
to hear the Word of God.

I’m on a mission
to hear His call and follow Him
to be like my Commander
and walk the way with Him
to shine His light in me.

I’m on a mission
to call out men to arms
to conquer souls for heaven

I’m on a mission
to fight the great fight of the faith

I’m just a low rank soldier
but I’m a soldier
on a mission of love. © SFR