I’m on a mission of love
to fight the selfishness
to fight the fearful, filthy mind
to fight against what’s less
than greater life,
to call upon the Fire of God
to burn inside my heart.

I’m on a mission
to share God’s plan
to tell the needy heart
all He’s done in my life.
I’m on a mission
to learn to fight for truth
to guide the stumbling feet
to keep the faith in Him
to warn the sleepy eyes
to raise the  fallen down
to wake the dead in spirit
to hear the Word of God.

I’m on a mission
to hear His call and follow Him
to be like my Commander
and walk the way with Him
to shine His light in me.

I’m on a mission
to call out men to arms
to conquer souls for heaven

I’m on a mission
to fight the great fight of the faith

I’m just a low rank soldier
but I’m a soldier
on a mission of love. © SFR