How much is a soul?

translation from the original Romanian poem

How much is a soul?
How much would you give for a hopeless soul?
O, Father, for you there’s
only one price,
which was fully paid,
when Your Son, on the cross said
“it is totally paid”.
How much is a soul?
It cost Jesus his life
and he didn’t hesitate to offer it
for your soul.
For you, who go to service
and hum a thank-you prayer
for the price of your soul,
You, who Sunday by Sunday
go to church,
for you,
How much is a soul?
It cost God everything
and he gave everything without thinking over.
How much are you willing to give
for God to
reach out to another soul,
just as your soul was:
On the night he was betrayed,
Jesus, in the fight’s agony for your soul,
cried out with tears of blood
“Father not as I will, but as You will”
It cost Jesus his own will,
He gave up his will,
his comfort,
his safety
and he accepted pain,
cruel beatings,
and cross.
He accepted them to pay
the price of your soul.
It is time Jesus gave
for the salvation of the world.
He lived three years before people
to show them,
to tell them the words of life
through words and facts,
and he gave all his time for
he was thinking of the joy set before him,
he was thinking of the crowd of souls saved by Him.
It cost his nights which
He spent talking with the Father,
when he interceded for a
wretched, rebellious and blind people,
and he loved them, he cried for them,
he touched their weaknesses,
he healed them even when
He himself was tired and hungry
accepting, instead, the Father’s food,
that is to do His will,
while is still day,
until the price was paid.
It cost Him tears of blood
praying for us
when we weren’t existing
but in his mind.
How much does it cost you?
How much are you willing to give
when you see the price you’ve been redeemed with?
He gave everything for you!
How much are you willing to give to
take the Word to another broken soul?
It costs your will,
to let it awash with His will
It costs your time,
to let it controlled by Him
It costs your energy,
to put it in the service
of He who is able to give it to you or take it from you.
It costs your prayers
to the mercy’s throne
for the lost
It costs your faith
in a God of miracles,
of the unbelievable
It costs your life,
to let it in God’s hand
It costs your identity,
to let it merge in His identity.
Are you willing to pay the price?
He paid it for you!!
Will you pay it, too???


….if only I remembered daily the value of a soul…. an inspired poem meant to take me out of the spiritual numbness, and to touch other souls.